Life Groups

If you've attended San Joaquin Valley Bible Church for even a little while, you can see that we like to hang out together.

Life Groups are an invitation for you to pull up a chair and join us. You'll find that it's actually pretty cool being connected with people who not only identify with you, but who care about your life as well.

What are Life Groups?

A Life Group consists of 12-16 people who meet regularly for the purpose of fellowship, Bible study, prayer and encouragement. This group is designed to create a haven for authentic relationships to be nurtured naturally and intentionally within the context of a biblical community. Life Group members share life together, grow spiritually and proactively demonstrate love to people outside of the family of God.

Why are Life Groups important to me?

Your spiritual journey is not something meant to be lived in isolation. We are all on a spiritual journey and need the love and encouragement of others. However, this type of relationship usually doesn't just happen. Taking the time to connect with a Life Group is a great way to develop these relationships.

A Life Group is the place where you can experience real life with others. You will celebrate the good times and encourage one another through the bad. It is here where you join others on the journey toward a life of full devotion to Christ. Many find the Life Group experience so valuable because of the opportunities to:

  • Laugh together
  • Be there for each other
  • Make a difference in the lives of others
  • Grow closer to God
  • Have fun
  • Make Christian friends
  • Share life together

Why is San Joaquin Valley Bible Church so focused on small groups?

San Joaquin Valley Bible Church’s vision is "a place where different people can belong to the same family”. Life Groups are a focus because they provide a fertile seedbed for spiritual transformation to occur. People are more likely to open up and discuss questions concerning life and their personal faith in a small group setting than they are in a large gathering. Our driving motivation is witnessing God changing lives and spiritually transforming people to be more Christ-like. In this sense, the purpose of a Life Group is life change.

How do I get connected into a Life Group?

The best way to get connected into a group is to complete a Life Group Request Form.